Gold Rush: A Brief History of Glittering Gold

Why does gold give us such a buzz? Why are artists so attracted to it? Are they lusting after riches or is there something intrinsically beguiling about this glimmering material?

From the Ancient Egyptians to Jeff Koons, gold has captivated and fascinated mankind for millennia. When it was discovered, sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BC, it was believed to radiate like the sun.

Gold has glistened throughout Western art; in Christian altarpieces from the early Renaissance, Baroque portraits of the powerful and wealthy, and decorative images in the 20th Century. Gold’s allure is so powerful that it has entered our language with phrases like ‘as good as gold’ and ‘golden days’. This talk will trace the use of gold throughout Art History. Expect images of luxury, opulence and resplendent beauty!