‘Stella Talks’ FAQ

How are the talks presented?
‘Stella Talks’ are designed to be entertaining, enlightening and inspiring! They are all presented live, via Zoom, with high-definition images. No guests are visible or audible. This means there are no background distractions.

Who presents the talks?
The talks are presented by Stella Grace Lyons. Stella has been lecturing for 10 years across the globe and is an Art Society accredited lecturer with a BA in Art History (University of Bristol), an MA in Art History (University of Warwick). She spent a period of time studying art in both Florence and Venice. You can find out more about Stella here.

How much does each talk cost?
The talks are priced at £8 to enable people from all backgrounds to be able to regularly enjoy the benefits of art appreciation, especially during this difficult time.

How long do the talks last?
Each talk lasts between 35-45 minutes. This is then followed by a live Q&A. Guests can type their questions and these will be answered live. Again, you will not be seen or heard. You can simply type your question into the Q&A box.

Do I need any previous knowledge of Art History to attend?
‘Stella Talks’ are designed for those with no knowledge of Art History to those with knowledge. All are welcome!

Are the talks recorded?
No. ‘Stella Talks’ are never recorded for copyright and intellectual property reasons.

Are the talks ever repeated?
Yes. If you can’t make a talk, please keep an eye on the website and newsletter as talks are frequently repeated.

I can’t attend the Friday morning talks – are talks ever held at different times?
Yes. Talks are often run on Tuesday evenings at 6.00pm (GMT). These may particularly appeal to those who work in the day, as well as those living in different time zones. More slots are being planned for the future.

Do you ever run online Art History courses?
Yes, periodically courses are scheduled. In general, these run once a week, for 45 minutes, for 4-5 consecutive weeks. Each session is stand-alone, to enable guests to either attend the whole course, or to drop in and out.

How do I book?
You can book ‘Stella Talks’ directly via the Zoom links found in the weekly newsletters  or on the ‘Online Talks’ page of my website. Once you register and pay, you will be sent a separate email from Zoom with your link included inside. This is the email you will need to go back to, to click on the link, on the day of the talk so please don’t delete it. Please do check your Junk mail if you can’t find this email. A reminder email with the link included will also be sent again, 1 hour before the talk. If you don’t have Paypal, you can book my talks via Eventbrite. Please bear in mind Eventbrite will charge you a small booking fee.