Emily Carr: A pioneer of the Pacific NorthWest

Emily Carr’s work is a window into the soul of the indigenous people of the Pacific NorthWest. She visited villages up and down the coast of British Columbia, absorbing the essence of the wild landscape, the First Nations and their culture. This was the world that she loved; it changed her life, quickened her imagination and inspired her work.

The untamed landscapes, towering forests, rugged coastlines of her paintings may seem timeless but her concern was with a world that was gradually being lost, eroded by modern civilisation.

This talk will examine her mysterious landscapes, her paintings of towering totem poles, ‘Indian’ churches and indigenous villages. Join me to explore these, as well as to learn how she became one of Canada’s most famous artists. Discover her fearless, resolute spirit – a spirit which drove Carr to challenge societal norms and become a pioneering force for women in the art world.