‘Without sacrificing scholarship, Stella Lyons has a most engaging way of hooking an audience into sharing her passionate interest in art history, drawing three dimensional human stories and experiences from the two-dimensional canvas’

Maev Kennedy, writer and Arts correspondent for the Guardian

‘A class act: informative, authoritative and delivered with great charm. We shall certainly ask you again. Thank you so much – they all loved it!’

Dr Judith Foy, Contemporary Arts Society Wales (CASW)

‘You have definitely made art come alive for me in a way that no other lecturer has’

John Whigham, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘This evening’s talk has been the highlight of my week. Thank you for transporting me to another time and place. Looking forward to Friday’s lecture – pure escapism during this time of isolation’

Barbara Hannaway, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘I just wanted to thank you for some very interesting and inspiring talks. I was a bit of a latecomer, having only discovered you in mid-November, but I have enjoyed almost all of your talks since and have learned so much. I have attended many other online lectures recently – some from very august institutions – but none have come close to yours in terms of quality of research, structure and delivery. I look forward to booking more Stella Talks in 2021.’

Barry Syder, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Thank you for presenting such a wonderfully diverse, carefully crafted programme of online talks. Every one is a delightful treat! A highlight of the week for both me, and my husband, your talks are very much appreciated during such unstable and uncertain times.’

Heather Guthrie, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Dear Stella, Very many thanks for your excellent talks. They have all been fluent, enlightening and enjoyable, and especially welcome in these difficult times. The length is just right and the technical aspects are too. There are quite a lot of art lectures available but yours are the best’

David Melzack, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Outstanding Art History study day led brilliantly by Stella Grace Lyons. Gallery visits will never be the same again!’

Elizabeth Crawford, ‘How to Look at Paintings’ Day School

‘Wow….Once again a brilliant talk. You have an engaging personality and have enlightened, educated and entertained us in a most delightful way.  I have seen those paintings, heard previous lectures on them and own books about them but today you brought it all together and added even more. I hope that post lock down this sort of lecture will be available on a regular basis.’

Kathy Belfield, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Compelling. Bound for TV or other popular media and you have snatched her up early!’

Voyages to Antiquity guest, Norway Fjords cruise

‘Many thanks for your excellent online lectures and the beautiful illustrations. They have really brightened these last few months and both my husband and myself enjoy them very much’

Diana Wilson, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Your talks have priority over everything else in my diary!’

Jo Furber, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Fascinating! I look at paintings so differently now that you’re educating me through your talks. The Hopper talk is one of my favourites, I like the way you cram so much info into a 30-minute talk without it feeling rushed.’

Louise Meadon, Stella talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Thank you so much for another very enjoyable lecture. I certainly echo how good these sessions are for us in these uncertain times’

Margaret Chugg, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Absolutely stunning lectures without seeming high-brow. Better than most tv art presenters. Always nicely turned out’

Saga guest, ‘Liverpool’s Art Collections’ tour

‘Stella, thank you, a great session. It felt so intimate and you feel the connection to this robust, earthy man (Rembrandt). And his poignant gradual finale’

Una Mccrory, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Stella is a fabulous lecturer: very approachable and knowledgeable – 5 star! Fabulous lectures that I have travelled from Chepstow for every week to attend’

Colleen, Penarth Pier Pavilion lecture series ‘How to Look at Paintings’

‘Wonderful lecture yesterday at Insole Court on the Impressionists. So interesting! The time just flew by. I can’t wait to go to another one’

Sian Kirby, ‘Manet, Morisot and the Impressionists’ Day School

‘Thank for another wonderful talk, I could listen to you for hours. I now want to visit the galleries you mention to see close up and experience some of the paintings you describe.
A whole new world is opening up for me.’

Barbara Tonkin, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Stella’s lectures are always so interesting, informative and well presented. I’ve learnt so much about the lives of various artists and their style of painting. The online ‘Stella Talks’ lectures have been the highlight of my week during lockdown!’

Linda Quinlan, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Stella was again exceptionally well informed and extremely pleasant. Her talks were informative and interesting. I was very impressed.’

Judith, ‘Art Treasures of Birmingham’ tour

‘Thank you so much for all your wonderful work with your lectures.  I enjoy them tremendously—and I’d see more of them, but can’t see as many as I’d like since I live in the American Midwest, and your 11:00 am is my 5:00 am.  But getting up early is a small inconvenience (you can’t please everyone, of course), and I love watching you when I can!’

Todd Lund , Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘What a lovely way to spend time! We both thoroughly enjoyed your talk…looking forward to next week already!’

Sara Sharples, Stella talks Live Lectures (online)

‘I would like to say a big thank you Stella for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of art! For giving me something to look forward to every week this last year at home with my husband waiting for the vaccine! I am a complete novice and I’ve enjoyed every one of your interesting lectures.’

Jane Beale, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘A brief thank you from Mary and Peter for your charming and imaginative leadership. It was so interesting and well done. Thank you, we shall remember it for a long time.’

Peter and Mary Lewis, ‘Art Treasures of Birmingham’ tour

‘Your talks have been oases of culture during a very bleak period. Thank you’.

Rosemary Pitcaithly, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘So many thanks for the most fabulous lecture tonight – it was a huge success – I am receiving wonderful emails from members who were thrilled to have a great lecture while in lockdown – it couldn’t have gone better for us.’

Penny, Auckland Society of Decorative and Fine Arts, New Zealand, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Thank you for organising these series of lectures, they have become a highlight of our lockdowned week!’

Ann Williams-Brunt, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘I’m looking forward to your summer school. I am currently on the Oxford University Undergraduate History of Art Certificate Course. So excited by it all and your lecture was so helpful. Thank you. I am 73 years old and my one regret is not discovering this course and your lectures sooner. Oh well. Never too late. Told everyone on my course about you!’.

Maggie, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Stella had a vast comprehensive knowledge of the artists and their work, conveying her enthusiasm and passion for her subject in a manner which was inspiring and informative. She had a very pleasant, friendly manner and was very popular with the whole group. She was inspirational.’

Saga guest, ‘Artistic Collections of Dorset’

‘I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of Stella’s courses as well as some of her day schools, all of which I have found completely absorbing. I have been so inspired by her lectures.’

Angie Luther, ‘How to Look at Paintings’ course

‘We both really enjoyed it – neither of us know very much about art and we learned so much. I realised I’d not been looking at paintings properly before and now have a much better idea. Stella is a really engaging presenter. She was easy to listen to – the time flew by!’

Sarah Wymer, ‘Painting Winter’ lecture

‘Stella was very informative and gave excellent talks. She was the best historian I have ever met.’

Saga guest, ‘Art Treasures of Birmingham’ tour

‘Thank you Stella for your weekly online enlightenment. I have never had the opportunity to learn about art history so I am very grateful for your really interesting talks.’

Caryl Kelly, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Thank you so much for continuing these events – they are the highlight of my week!’

Karen Nunn, ‘How to Look at Paintings’

‘Very enjoyable course, Interesting and varied selection of paintings and artists. I particularly enjoyed the lecture on symbolism.’

Thomas, ‘How to Look at Paintings’ course

‘This lady was a most interesting and accomplished lecturer. She welcomed questions and was very knowledgeable on art subjects. One of the best!’

Saga guest, ‘Golden Age of Dutch Art (Netherlands)’ tour

‘Thank you for your well-judged presentations’

Anne and Roger Howard, ‘Art in the North West’ tour

‘Eileen and I would like to say how much we enjoyed your Art in Wales day school. Thank you’

Eileen and Frances, Art in Wales day school

‘Stella Lyons was not only knowledgeable about her subject but has a very pleasing and democratic approach to group opinions.’

Saga guests, ‘Art in the North West’ tour

‘We felt very fortunate to have Stella as our Special Interest host. She was very knowledgeable about her subject and enhanced our holiday enormously by her evening talks before dinner’

Saga guests, ‘Art in the North West’ tour

‘Stella. Thank you. It was a very enjoyable and informative half hour. Really cheered me up and I’ve just had a text from my friend who said the same. See you in virtual land next week for Charles R Mackintosh!’

Emma Berry, Stella Talks Live Lectures (online)

‘Stella, I enjoyed every minute of this course and looked forward to your lecture each week. You brought the art, artists and history of the Renaissance wonderfully alive. I enjoyed your informal, informative approach to the lectures and found them absorbing. A real treat!’

Jackie Ghazal, Early Renaissance Masterpieces at Insole Court

‘One of our very best lecturers – and so say all of us!’

Hereford Arts Society

‘Thank you so much for coming to Penang to give two talks to our Society. I have received great reports back from members who attended one or both of your talks – they really enjoyed the subject matter and your delivery and someone said that it was the best yet!’

Penang (Malaysia) Arts Society

‘I enjoyed your talk last night at Penarth Pier so much. Often when I attend lectures I come away hardly remembering anything…. that was not the case last night, I found it memorable and inspirational from beginning to end.’

Jo Furber, Edvard Munch lecture

‘Stella is a gem. She is extremely knowledgable and her presentations were well prepared. She is very professional and made sure she made herself available at all of the venues.’

Dr Bill Chalmers, ‘Fine Art in Scotland’ tour

‘We Berliners loved your lecture very much and would like to have you lecture for us again!’

The Arts Society (Berlin)

‘Loving every minute of your talks.’

Isobel Rainey

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