Frank Lloyd Wright: Harmony, Nature and Murder in the ‘Castle of Love’

Frank Lloyd Wright declared himself to be the ‘world’s greatest living architect’. His work certainly defined American architecture in the 20th Century. He believed in creating structures that fit organically into the natural world. His iconic masterpiece, Fallingwater, is today considered to be one of America’s most important buildings and has become an inspiration to architects all over the globe. His career spanned seven decades and he created a vast body of work.

Wright may have sought peace and harmony in his buildings and interiors but there was little peace in his private life. This was dogged by a series of scandals including the 1914 massacre of his mistress and her children on his Taliesin estate, dubbed by the press the ‘Castle of Love’.

This talk explores Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and interiors, his legacy, as well as his turbulent and destructive private life.