Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make-Believe

Who is America’s greatest illustrator?
 For most people, the answer is simple. Surely no one did it better than Norman Rockwell?

But before Rockwell there was another artist worthy of this title. An artist that was so popular, his print ‘Daybreak’ hung in 1 in 4 American homes. The man in question? Maxfield Parrish.

Maxfield Parrish was a master of light and colour. He filled his works with dreamy views of Pre-Raphaelite inspired men and women set against inky-blue skies. His use of a specific blue was so ubiquitous that it became known as ‘Parrish blue’. Later in life, Parrish turned to landscapes and painted soaring mountains, dramatic sunsets and winter sunshine glimmering on snow.

Parrish’s works were adored by the American public, as well as his neighbour F. Scott Fitzgerald. Join me to find out why in this online talk.