Nordic Light: Swedish fin de siècle painting

How many Swedish artists can you name?

When we think about Nordic art, we often recall the angst-ridden works of Edvard Munch. Rarely do we think of Swedish artists. That’s because Scandinavian art is still an overlooked and under-appreciated area of Art History.

And yet Swedish artists painted some of the most breath-taking images of the 19th Century; paintings of glorious summer twilight, light-filled interiors adorned with cornflowers, images of Stockholm sparkling under star-studded skies.

Nature was key to their paintings. As was an appreciation of Swedish history, legends and folk tales – these were artists attempting to capture a national identity on the canvas.

Come and explore the painterly works of Anders Zorn, who, after success in Paris and London, returned to his home of Dalarna to paint the rich Swedish folk tradition. Uncover the joyful interiors of Carl Larsson and his wife and collaborator Karin Bergöö.

Delve into the glistening snowy landscapes of Gustaf Fjæstad and the detailed wildlife paintings of Bruno Liljefors.

Discover the Swedish gems that were produced during the final years of the 19th Century and early years of the 20th Century in this online talk.