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Andrew Wyeth talk delivered to the Brandywine Museum, Chadds Ford, PA.

This month I was honoured to deliver my talk about Andrew Wyeth to the directors, curators and staff at the Brandywine River Museum of Art, Chadds Ford, in Pennsylvania, USA. The museum showcases the work of Andrew Wyeth and his family: his father N.C. Wyeth and his son Jamie Wyeth, a contemporary American realist painter. […]

Art History’s Winter Scenes – Gustaf Fjæstad

Have you heard of Gustaf Fjæstad? If you have, you’re probably Swedish. Fjæstad was a Swedish painter who lived between 1868 and 1948. He’s celebrated in Sweden but little known outside his home country. Fjæstad’s trademark was the winter scene. He painted snow-covered forests, frozen lakes, and glistening winter skies. In 1912 the Brooklyn Daily […]

Art History’s Most Terrifying Masterpieces – Goya’s Black Paintings

Goya’s Black Paintings (1819-1823) form some of the bleakest images in Art History. When he painted the series of 14 paintings he was old, severely deaf, and dying. There was no commercial motivation in their creation. He painted them directly onto the walls of his farmhouse just outside Madrid, la Quinta del Sordo (The Deaf […]

Even when he was dying, Manet created beauty…

I adore Édouard Manet’s flower paintings. They are rarely talked about because his other works (Olympia, Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe, The Bar at the Folies-Bergère) are so sensational and progressive – credited with being the first ‘modern’ paintings. His large-scale masterpieces have eclipsed the quiet beauty of his still life paintings. But these little gems […]

St. Francis of Assisi – Why is he important when we’re looking at art?

Why is St. Francis of Assisi important when studying Art History? St Francis, a friar that lived between c.1182 and 1226, changed the way people responded to the Christian message. He brought the stories of the Bible to the Italian masses in a radical and original manner – through preaching, drama, acting and storytelling. He […]

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